Brazil partners

The Brazilian partners attending the exchange are:

Adilson Pires Deputy Mayor, Rio de Janeiro
Alan Borges Coordinator for Engagement,
Sub secretariat for Social Protection, Rio
Robrigo Abel Sub-secretary for Social Development, Rio
 A part of the Mayor of Rio’s office, the Secretariat has been developing a range of new projects with and for homeless people, such as: Casas Viva, small shelters that provide a home environment to young homeless people that suffer from drug abuse; Circulando (Circulating), a project that aims to providing this section of the population with access to cultural, sports and tourist events happening in Rio de Janeiro; Papo de Rua (Street Talk), an initiative that aims to connect homeless or vulnerable people with social and health agents and psychologists, giving them the opportunity to discuss their problems and needs, and finally, Proximidade (Proximity), an initiative that aims to develop social inclusion of people affected by drug use. They are also going to launch two new centres which will include an arts strand in their work, possibly led by Junior Perim (see below).
Ricardo Vasconcelos Associação Solidários Amigos da Betânia, Rio
Founded in 1999 in Rio de Janeiro by Sister Elci Zerma, this is a day centre in Freguesia, a neighbourhood in the West of the city assisting homeless adult men. It aims to increase social inclusion through arts & crafts workshops, such as using banana plant stalks to produce fibre, paper and artworks that are then sold at local fairs (a social enterprise model). Music and singing workshops are a regular activity, and the local choir is booked for performances all over town.
Junior Perim
Crescer & Viver Circus, Rio
Circo Crescer & Viver combines art and social transformation. It was founded more than 10 years ago by Junior Perim, initially as a social circus, offering free, drop-in circus skill classes for at-risk children and adolescents in nearby communities. Over the years it has developed into one of Brazil’s most important circus organisations, with its own professional circus troupe and professional training programme. Junior Perim has worked with some homeless groups in the past and is talking to Rio City Council about working in the new day centres. He has also run collaborative projects with both The Roundhouse and Graeae.
Rafael da Silva
Fernada Almeida
Programme Coordinators,
City Secretariat for Human Rights and Citizenship
Sector of Public Policies for the Homeless Population Mayor’s Office of São Paulo
The Sector has as its main goal to define and enact public policy towards homeless people in São Paulo, in dialogue with social movements and civil organisations. Among the actions developed, there’s the I Exist project, an arts project comprising sculptures of homeless people placed in the streets of São Paulo in order to debate the invisibility of this population, and the exhibition My eyes, My world, with images produced by homeless people and their perspective on the city. They also run Pronatec PopRua, a professional training programme for homeless people, and Autonomy in Focus, a programme developed alongside the Secretariat for Social Development that offers shelter to homeless people who are already working and in the process of leaving the streets.
Rodolfo Vazquez
Director, Os Satyros Theatre Company,
São Paulo
The company was founded in 1989 and soon gained nationwide recognition for the play “Sades or Nights with the Immoral Teachers” based on texts by the Marquis de Sade. In the year 2000, Os Satyros opened its new premises on Roosevelt Square in São Paulo. At the time the square was a focal point for drug users, prostitution and homeless people and considered to be one of the most dangerous areas in the city. Os Satyros’s work has been a key part of the area’s revitalisation, and they have welcomed some of the square’s inhabitants to work in the company
Juliana Cavalcante
Coordinator, OAF (Organisation of Fraternal Help), São Paulo
OAF was founded in 1955 with the aim of helping São Paulo’s most vulnerable citizens. Its mission is to develop projects which promote the recognition of fundamental human rights for the homeless, young people who are at risk, and litter pickers (rag and bone men). Current projects include A Casa Acolhe a Rua (The House welcomes the Street) which offers temporary accommodation in hostels, and Oficina Escola (Workshop School), which gives arts and crafts classes with recycled materials.
Sebastião Nicomedes

Founder of 1st Homeless Film Music Festival, São Paulo
Sebastião founded and organised the 1st Homeless Music Festival in October 2014 with more than 50 people registering for the event. Sebastião has lived on the streets and has been a member of Brazil’s National Homeless Movement, as well as São Paulo’s homeless movement.
Maralice Dos Santos

Representative of the Homeless People National Movement (Rio de Janeiro)
The Homeless People National Movement was founded by homeless people and people who’d lived in the streets in the past, getting together to fight for better public policies and social rights for this population. It was triggered by a major incident in 2004 when 7 homeless people were brutally murdered, followed by other crimes towards homeless people across the country. Since then, the homeless population in Brazil have been organising a number of events, seminars and festivals in different states of the country.
Helder De Oliveira

Artist and creator of the ‘I Exist’ sculpture project
Artist Helder De Oliveira created life-sized sculptures of homeless people that were placed in the streets of São Paulo in order to debate the invisibility of this population.