Brazil-UK exchange (November 2015)

UK visit to Rio and São Paulo, 8-14 November 2015

Staff from leading UK homelessness charities – the Booth Centre, The Choir with No Name, Café Art, Cardboard Citizens, Streetwise Opera, Homeless Link and Crisis Skylight – as well as a councillor from Manchester City Council and a member of the Manchester homeless community will be visiting Brazil in November 2015.

The key aims for the exchange are as follows:

  • Piloting the award-winning Café Art model – of an annual calendar featuring photographs taken by homeless people – in São Paulo
  • Researching the Brazilian Homeless People’s Movement to see how it could be adapted for use in Manchester to give homeless people a greater voice at a strategic level
  • Training choir directors in Choir with No Name’s method and expanding the number of homeless choirs in Brazil
  • Initial planning an arts and homelessness event during the Rio 2016 Cultural Olympiad
  • Knowledge exchange and networking between UK and Brazilian organisations
  • Capacity building for arts projects in homeless centres in Brazil

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