The following individuals performed on 2 July:

Adam O’Neill (Brighton)
Singer   @BHT_Sussex
Adem Oniyibo (Essex)
Singer and guitar player from Braintree Foyer, run by the Salvation Army Housing Association      @salvationarmyuk
ADott Ash (Cheltenham)
ADott Ash is a 20 year old rapper from Gloucestershire. Young Soul is about his thoughts of being homeless and wondering how things could be different.   @ADottAsh
Annette Wincott (Portsmouth)
Annette’s creative mission as a singer/song writer is to perform from the heart, and share her true personal reflections on life’s journey.
Bradley Bromley (Ashton-under-Lyme)
The complete Artist from thought to lyrics, production to music, finished track to performance… Bradleys got it all. The young rapper is supported by Riverside ECHG, the supported housing section of Riverside Housing. They support young people and adults who are homeless with support issues. This song was written specially for With One Voice.    @RiversideUK
Dave Cooke (London)
Dave is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who takes part in many creative activities at Crisis Skylight.     @Crisis_uk
Elizabeth Peach (London)
Elizabeth is a poet, artist and singer who regularly attends Crisis Skylight     @Crisis_uk
Jacqueline and the Journey (London)
Singer, songwriter and guitarist
Jedashe (London)
This song is a celebration for London winning the bid, the honor of those who created the Torch and the 8,000 carrying it and of course the pride and joy of the British public.
FLOetic Lara (London)
An accomplished singer, spoken word artist and entrepreneur, FLOetic Lara, blends passion and experience with onomatopoeic phasing, musical accents and lyrics steeped in honesty, to mobilise and significantly edutain her audience, reminding them of the possibilities life holds and the power of love. Her performance is a fusion of spoken word/poetry with a theatrical edge     @FLOeticLara
Freya Wood (Andover)
I wrote this poem a while ago now. It was near a birthday and I was going to see them. I suddenly got scared because I’d been away for so long I thought they might have forgotten me and wished I could be with them. So I wrote about how I felt; it made me feel better although I knew they would never be able to read it.     @TwoSaintstoday
James Browne (London)
James is 72, was formerly homeless and is now  in sheltered housing. He enjoys poetry and performing simple magic tricks.
Jason Hinchey (Bournemouth)
Jason Hinchey is a folk/reggae singer. Born in Ireland, he moved to UK aged 10. He has always been interested in folk music and reggae but took up playing whilst in recovery from 2006.He now runs a Folk Music Club with a friend, teaches guitar for beginners and gigs locally. Roots a mixture of Irish music and reggae reflecting his journey from Ireland to England.
Martina Carta (London)
I’m a passionate singer since I was little and I started to be a songwriter in 2008. I did a contemporary music workshop, where I became assistant to the tutor. I have had and still have involvement in performing arts with different charity organisations. This is an easy listening pop/rock song.     @Crisis_uk
Mikey Francis Dunne (Liverpool)
A reading of a poem with a message of appreciation about the small things in life. Mikey is a Forum Housing ambassador, performing artist and poet.
Nayan Patel and Jordan Wafle
Written and composed by Nayan Patel and Jordan     @Crisis_uk
Samantha Ashleigh Hayhurst (London)
Hello, my name is Sam. I am a composer, a painter, and a terrible rollerskater. I am also a teacher, a mental health service user, and homeless-hostel-dweller. Both songs are true stories.     @Ashxyz
Shannon LeBlanc (Essex)
Shannon is 16 years old & has just discovered her talent for singing, performing for the first time last year. She is currently developing a repertoire of songs to perform live and hopes to record some of her music with other musicians at the Braintree Foyer.    @salvationarmyuk