With One Voice programme announced

We are delighted to announce that the full programme for the event has been decided and look forward to welcoming so many talented people to the Opera House in July.

Performance groups:

  • Streetwise Opera (UK-wide)
  • The Choir with No Name (London and Birmingham)
  • Cardboard Citizens theatre group (London)
  • Veteran Voices (Aldershot)
  • Merger (Bristol)
  • Lyrics band (London)
  • GISDA theatre group (Wales)
  • Collective Encounters ‘Kabin Krew’ (Liverpool)
  • Booth Centre/Royal Exchange (Manchester)
  • Lodging House Mission/Givin’ it Laldie/Scottish Opera (Glasgow)
  • Recovery Rocks choir (Newcastle)
  • Vita Nova poetry group (Bournemouth)

Individual performers:

  • Poets Freya Wood (Andover); James Browne (London); Mikey Francis Dunne (Liverpool); Elizabeth Peach (London);
  • Romanian folk musicians Svetlana and Alina Pruteanu-Teodoru (London);
  • Rappers ADott Ash (Cheltenham); Bradley Bromley (Ashton-under-Lyme);
  • Singer-songwriters Shannon LeBlanc and Ademola Oniyibo (Essex); Jason Hinchey (Bournemouth); Annette Wincott (Portsmouth), Esther Wangui (London), Dave Cooke (London)Rudi Richardson (London), Adam O’Niell (Brighton), FLOetic Lara (London), Samantha Ashleigh Hayhurst (London)

Film Screenings:

  • Homeless Film Festival (UK-wide)
  • Open Cinema (UK-wide)
  • Choir of Hope and Inspiration (Melbourne)
  • Singers of the Street (San Francisco)
  • Marko (Slovenia)
  • Haiku (Slovakia)
  • This is Camden Calling (London)
  • A Place to Stay (Leamington Spa)
  • I’m an East-ender (London)
  • Born Survivor (London)
  • The Secret (Bristol)
  • 100 Stories/100 Faces (Newcastle)
  • Sofa Surfer (London)

For more information please read the Media Release available to download from the Press Section